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Ordering process and the conditions of ordering via the Internet
Our web shop provides comfortable and quick orientation to our customers – you can easily navigate through the web shop with the menu items.

You can browse the items in the shop with the „Products” menu item. First you can find the categories in the shop. If you choose a category which contains products you can find the names, pictures and prices of the products there. Clicking on the shopping cart icon you can easily put the item into the shopping cart. If all the items could not be listed on one screen then you can navigate through the pages with the numbers above and below the items.

You can find all the products that are on Sale in the “Discounted products” category. The start and end date of the sale or the “while stocks lasts” is marked at each and every item. Under “News” you can find the newly added products in the web shop.

If you would like to have more information about an item then please click on its picture or name and you will jump to the “Product Details” site. The prices in our web shop are gross prices including Hungarian VAT.

There is a search option in the web shop. For a simple search you just have to add an expression, and if there is a match with one or more of our products then that or those items will be listed. For detailed search please click on “Advanced search” menu item in the bottom of the page, where you can specify the category and the properties of the product in which you would like to search. The results of the detailed search will be presented as same as in simple search method.

Under “Information” menu item you can find all the important information related to the shop like the contact information, payment and shipping possibilities, discount options or you can write a mail to the shop owner. Please CLICK HERE to access this site.

The contents of the shopping cart can be checked by clicking on the “Shopping cart” icon. Here you can modify the amounts of the products in the shopping cart or you can delete a specific item from the cart. You have a possibility to empty the cart. To do so, please click on “Empty cart” button. If you decide to order then please click on “Order” button.